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Spartan UK Ltd

Production process

  • Slabs
    Quarto plate is rolled from slab supplied by fully integrated steel mills, mainly Azovstal Iron and Steel Works. Spartan UK holds approximately 2-3 months of slab in stock, covering all the grades and sizes in the product range.
  • Reheating
    The cut slab is reheated in one of three natural gas fired furnaces. According to slab size one of two batch furnaces, installed in the last 4 years, or a high capacity multizone pusher furnace is utilised.
  • Quarto Reversing Rolling Mill
    Quarto Reversing Rolling Mill
    The slabs are rolled through the quarto reversing mill. This process is controlled precisely by an adapted automation system. Accurate thickness tolerances are guaranteed through an on line laser gauging machine.
  • Hot Shear
    Hot Shear
    Head & tails of the plate up to 30mm thick are cut by the hot shear. Thickness is excess of 30mm are cut at a later stage by the on line oxy-acetylene cutter.
  • Levelers
    The plate then passes through the levelling machine while still hot, to ensure the plate meets the flatness standard required. Additional levelling can be undertaken once the plate has cooled using the cold levellers.
  • Edge Cutting
    Edge Cutting
    Plates from Spartan UK are predominantly supplied with mill edges as rolled. On request the edges can be cut off line by an oxy-acetylene cutter to give a flat edge.